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Alienware 14 review (2013 Model)

Written by NotebookKey. Posted in Dell Reviews


Alienware's design has always been a world apart from practically anything else on the market, as the company tries to build machines that evoked living alien creatures, with gaudy lighting seeping out of their frames.

the Alienware 14 weighs 6 pounds and its 1.6 inches thick, it's not the most comfortable artifact to carry around or stuff into certain kinds of bags, but the reinforced magnesium alloy frame is as stiff and strong as I've ever seen. There's no creak, no flex, not even when you grab the base at opposite corners and twist with a good deal of force.

the design shares much with its predecessors, but it's more reserved, angular and precise. It feels awesome when you open the finely textured aluminum lid with its glowing slits and watch the keyboard, trackpad, and underbody light up in anticipation of your commands.


The best change in the new Alienware is that it has all but done away with distractingly glossy screens. Even the base $1,199 Alienware 14 has a matte panel, although it's a low-res 1366 x 768 deal. in addition of that the Alienware offers the gorgeous 300-nit 1080p IPS panel as a $150 upgrade.

it's not quite up there with the panels in the MacBook Pro or Chromebook Pixel, but it's crisp and clear at typing distance from the screen, viewing angles are excellent, and the colors just spring to life. Blacks are deep and dark enough to play games and movies that try to depict night. And honestly, it's the right choice for gamers — 1080p is the right resolution for the amount of gaming performance in this machine, and this is the best 14-inch 1080p panel I've seen.


This machine feels crafted in a way that makes sense for gamers. The black soft-touch surfaces give the laptop a dark, silky, grippy, premium feel, and insulate the hands from heat. Meanwhile, there's enough metal to make the machine strong and to catch the eye without appearing as garish as previous generations.

The Alienware 14 doesn't have a lot of ports like Thunderbolt, HDMI input and VGA. but it still has all the majors ports as we expect like: three 3.5mm audio jacks, three USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI out, a Gigabit Ethernet socket, an SD card slot, and a lock slot... Also the USB ports are nicely spaced, with one on the right and two slightly apart on the left, and The DVD/Blu-ray is still around for movies and disc-based installation.


The Audio quality isn't quite as stellar, but it's still very good for a laptop. It's reasonably loud, reasonably crisp with great performance that works particularly well for all the tiny little sounds that accompany action sequences in games and movies.

the Alienware 14 currently cost $1,199. and it comes with a quad-core 2.4GHz Core i7-4700MQ Intel processor(Haswell batch), 8GB of memory, 750GB of storage, Nvidia GeForce GT 750M graphics, and the standard 1366 x 768 resolution screen. and you can upgrade to GeForce GTX 765M GPU for only additional $150 to help with games on the 1080p display.

If it isn't yet clear that Alienware marches to the beat of its own drummer, the company's choice of operating system should seal the deal: it's Windows 7, rather than Windows 8 (You can pick Windows 8 from the company's configurator). Alienware includes Steam and its own Alien apps for customization and tuning (It changes the laptop's lighting to match the action).

so Alienware14 is the best choice for any gamer.


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